Woocommerce e-conomic
		Save time and money with automating the bookkeeping tasks between your WooCommerce webshop and e-conomic with the WooCommerce e-conomic plugin.


Woocommerce e-conomic

Save time and money with automating the bookkeeping tasks between your WooCommerce webshop and e-conomic with the WooCommerce e-conomic plugin.

The WooCommerce e-conomic plugin automates the accounting process, saving you time managing accounts and invoices.

More precisely, this plugin makes it possible to automatically transfer all orders from WooCommerce to e-conomic (www.e-conomic.dk). In addition, it is possible to manually synchronise one or more orders if changes are made to them in WooCommerce.

By setting up a customer account in e-conomic to receive sales from WooCommerce, every invoice with all invoice details is transferred to e-conomic with a clear, searchable title. Using this method, you can keep tabs on orders without a large number of customer accounts, many of whom may have only purchased products with you once.

Invoices also include product lines, but as there is no synchronisation of stock, a placeholder product is set up in e-conomic that the sale is associated with. Real product names and quantities are of course shown on invoices. This makes it easier to resolve any questions and disputes between the customer, bookkeeping and accounting.

Invoices are transferred to “e-conomic > Sales > Invoices” as drafts. The order can automatically be accounted for via a setting, with the possibility of adding order status if needed. Alternatively, you can use mass-bookkeeping or manually handle orders if you would like more control.

e-conomic features

Right now the WooCommerce e-conomic plugin comes with the following features using the e-conomic RESRT API.

  • Automatic transfer of completed orders.
  • The transfer of orders via bulk actions, from your onlibne shop to e-conomic and set up of draft invoices.

WooCommerce e-conomic plugin limitations

This plugin is not yet a full integration with the synchronisation of stock, and customer accounts are not set up individually. In addition, there is no two-way synchronisation, where changes in e-conomic are transfered back to WooCommerce. This plugin offers a simple and easy way to automate the recording of your sales, and thereby income.

Installation requirements
Please co-ordinate with your hosting provider to ensure you meet the following requirements before purchasing the plugin.

  • An active e-conomic account at e-conomic.dk
  • WordPress 4.9.x or newer
  • WooCommerce 3.2.x or newer
  • PHP cURL activated on the server

WooCommerce e-conomic features (roadmap)

We had to start somewhere! What do you think we should develop next? – Write to us at support@rommel.dk if you have any ideas or features you’d like to see in this plugin.

Here is the current list of features we wish to add support for:

  • Credit-notes
  • Transferring/creating customers
  • Switch to the new API 2023
  • EAN support

Added plugin setting to create WooCommerce orders as e-conomic orders instead of invoices. Note that the Auto-book feature will not work with this as orders cannot be auto-booked in e-conomic.

Added pagination for plugin options to make sure it loads more than 1000 entries from e-conomic.

Fixed decimal issue with both quantity and price rounding.
Fixed issue where the bulk tasks didnt redirect properly after they where done.

Ensure minimum/maximum 2 decimals for orders transferred to e-conomic.

Fixed bug where Stripe fee was added to the invoice as a product-line by removing the fee from the invoice it self.

Fixed bug where decimals could be miscalculated within a few cents caused by typecasting of calculated amounts caused the amount rounded.

Show stripe fee on the invoice if Stripe gateway is used. And added additional filters for extended the plugin.

Added option to set the “other references” field on the invoice via the plugin options.

Fixed issue with shipping.

Updated translations and added option for enabling transaction log via the admin interface.

Fixed bug when using custom order statuses and syncing them.

Implemented a log system for all transactions. Can be found under plugin settings if either WP_DEBUG is true or
‘WP_DEBUG_ECONOMIC’ is defined.

Added support for departments.

Fixed error from log when auto-syncing orders.

Added auto-book feature which allows WooCommerce to automatically book invoices when synced.

Added settings to let the user decide which order statuses to sync.

Added plugin major and added auto-sync orders.

Added Plugin beta.


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