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We are on the lookout for new talent for our growing team. You will work on projects for both large and small customers, both alone and as part of a project team. We offer a high degree of flexibility, a proud culture of knowledge sharing and "Whisky Fridays".



Senior WordPress Developer

Senior WordPress Developer at Rommel

We love open source!

There are plenty of advantages to using open source.

Price: There are no hidden costs.

Security: The code is open for all to view, but there are generally more developers who analyse the code and are able to find and fix errors and security issues.

Community: Other developers and agencies create extensions which they also make available as open source. This can provide some free features for all and reduce project production times.

Code changes: With open source you are not required to blindly trust the software provider's word, that they have developed a system that is secure and meets high coding standards.



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